Weight Loss (Lipotronic B-12) Injection for $20 , Anti-aging (Glutathione) injection for $40 ** Laguna Beach/ Irvine/ Huntington Beach** HB ONLY Special** (2 to 5 pm Weekdays): $19 for Whole Body Cryo /Cryofacial/Normatec**

Body Contouring

The Contour Light Red Light procedure is perfect for those who want a non-surgical, non-invasive (no needles) body sculpting and contouring solution. Whether you only have one trouble area or you want to work on fat loss over your entire body, this solution will work for you. With this procedure on your selected region(s) or full-body, not only will you see instant circumference reduction (inches lost), you will see the skin tighten, wrinkles, scars and dark spots fade, ugly fatty deposits and cellulite dissipate and an overall beautifying sculpting and contouring effect to your body. This procedure is ideal for any adult 18 years or older. The typical Contour Light procedure regimen consists of 6 sessions that may be completed at an interval of 1 session a week or 2 sessions a week, with intervals of two week breaks possibly needed (sessions intervals will be determined by your body type). 12 session packages are for those who have very ambitious fat loss, fitness and/or body sculpting and contouring goals (some clients doing 12 Lipolight procedure sessions have reported losses of over 25 inches and 50lbs). To continually maintain your results, 1-2 sessions a month to 1-4 sessions ever every 3-4 months may be needed depending on lifestyle factors. Before and after pictures and measurements will be taken so that you may see the drastic changes that will occur on your body. 

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