IV Therapy

IV (intravenous) therapy refers to the administration of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly into your body.

What is IV therapy?

There are many benefits of IV therapy, one of which is achieving higher absorption of nutrients by bypassing the digestive system. IV therapy also allows for the administration of higher doses of nutrients compared to what our bodies can digest and absorb through food and supplements.

At Hangover IV, we offer a variety of formulated IV bags to address common ailments. We can also create personalized concoctions based on the individual needs of each person.



A boost of energy in a bag! Arginine, Magnesium, and B Vitamins are all the care necessities for a quick fix. No more fatigue after this drip. The Department of Energy IV will have you transformed into a super hero in a flash!

Workout Plan

Pre-workout, post-work, D.O.M.S.? Whatever the situation, this IV will help increase fat metabolism while decreasing your recovery time. With Glutathione, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, and trace minerals, we’ve got your workout covered.

Slender Bender

This drip will shed the pounds. Vitamins and minerals help boost metabolism and suppress appetite. These fat burning nutrients will have you leaving lighter after this drip.

Defensive Line

Vitamin-C, Lysine, Glutathione, activated B-vitamins, and all the wellness your body can drink. Shorten sickness and prevent attack. 1 – 2 – HUT!


Check your bags and relax. This formula has all the necessary nutrients needed to help you stay healthy and relaxed during your world travels. Bon Voyage!

Limitless Mind

Brain fog? Final exam? Overwhelmed with tasks? This IV will give you the mental boost you need to get through your day.


Vitamins, Biotin, and Glutathione, will turn back the time. Plump your skin from within. Beauty is more than skin deep. Reverse and dismiss aging by revitalizing your entire being.

The Remedy

This hangover cure includes glutathione, a master antioxidant, that will have you forgetting you ever took the first sip. Anti-inflammatory, re-hydrating, and nausea neutralizing vitamins will give your instant relief to the post-party grief.


IV Therapy

500 mL


IV Therapy

1,000 mL


Nutrients & Benefits


  • “Master” Antioxidant

  • Enhances immune function

  • Supports detoxification systems

  • Anti-aging Lysine

  • Supports collagen production

  • Improves immune function

  • Enhances wound healing


  • Supports cardiovascular health

  • Increases cellular metabolism

  • Promotes relaxation and stress reduction


  • “Fat Burner”

  • Improves fatty acid metabolism

  • Supports liver health Taurine

  • Supports brain function

  • Promotes heart health

  • Enhances eye health

  • Supports mitochondrial function


  • Supports immune function

  • Increases anti-oxidant activity

  • Aids in collagen production


  • Enhances immune function

  • Supports collagen production


  • Enhances blood flow

  • Supports immune function


  • Improves deficiency associated with alcohol intoxication

  • Supports mental health and brain fog

  • Increases energy metabolism

  • Promotes hormonal balance


  • Increases energy metabolism

  • Supports adrenal glands

  • Combats chronic fatigue & chronic stress

  • Facilitates fat burning


  • Bone health

  • Protects heart muscles


  • Increases energy metabolism

  • Increases overall enzyme activity

  • Supports mitochondrial function


  • Increases energy

  • Supports brain & nerve health

  • Aids detoxification pathways

  • Supports histamine metabolism Biotin

  • Supports skin & nail health

  • Aids in blood sugar regulation


  • Supports histamine metabolism

  • Aids detoxification pathways

  • Improves mental health


  • Improves energy production

  • Regulates fat metabolism/fat burning

  • Supports mitochondrial function

The New Wave Of Nutrition

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